• November 2021
    • New City America was awarded the contract to renew the Miracle Mile District in Stockton California.

      Considered to be one of the most dynamic business districts in the Central Valley of California, the Miracle Mile Board is seeking to possible expand its district and reorganize its management corporation to respond to the post COVID world by intensifying the marketing and promotion and beautification of this historic district.

    • New City America principals Marco and Laura Li Mandri, visited the Englewood District and Back of the Yards Districts in Chicago.

      These two districts are ethnically based and are emerging from decades of transition from their original strong community base to 21st century models of strong African American and Latino business districts. New City America is studying the current legislation in Illinois that allows for property assessment district and determining the best way to make recommendations for stakeholder led revitalization of each district.

  • August 2021
    • New City America was awarded the contract to manage and operate the Third Avenue Village Association, a Business Improvement District, on Chula Vista.

      Chula Vista is the second largest City in San Diego County and Third Avenue is considered to be the Main Street of the South Bay in San Diego County. New City America will be applying its “New City Standards” approach to the re-creation of the Committee Structure, the management corporation, branding and operations on all aspects of the management of this district.

  • July 2021
    • New City America was awarded a contract to investigate and form the new Bankers Hill Community Benefit District in the area north of Downtown San Diego.

      Bankers Hill is enjoying the most vertical residential development of any community in San Diego and it is surrounded by Balboa Park to the east, Little Italy to the west, Downtown San Diego to the south and Hillcrest, the large LGBT district to the north. It is anticipated that the new Bankers Hill CBD will be voted on by property owners in the Spring of 2022.

    • New City America successfully formed its 90th Business Improvement District/Community Benefit District, this time in Oakland CA historic Chinatown district.

      Oakland’s Chinatown is over 100 years old and was greatly impacted by the civil unrest demonstrations in the summer of 2020 as well as random violent attacks on its citizens throughout 2020 and early 2021. The over 1,000 property owners in Chinatown came together to create and manage a 1.2 million dollars district that will stress security, beautification, branding and preparing Chinatown for some large new developments that will be occurring in the next few years around the BART station at Lake Merritt. New City America is now helping Chinatown’s CBD leaders form a new management corporation as well as transferring their funds from the City.

  • February 2021
    • New City America was awarded the contract to renew the Historic North Broadway/Lincoln Heights District in Los Angeles.

      As one of the oldest continuing shopping districts in LA since the late 1800s, Lincoln Heights has gone through many changes and remains a significant retail corridor as one of the home to many ethnic businesses over the past 100 years in Los Angeles. The renewal will keep this momentum going and rebuild the district after the impact of COVID.

  • January 2021
    • New City America the effort to form a new Downtown New Bedford Community Benefit District (BID) in New Bedford’s historic Downtown.

      Considered as one of the most charming and attractive Downtowns in the Massachusetts commonwealth, New Bedford has emerged into the strongest fishing port in the US today, as well as the scallop capital of the world. More recently, New Bedford has become the center of the wind energy industry in and around Buzzards Bay and the Long Island Sound. This 300 year old city, once the center of the world whaling industry, has begun the process of reinvention as a classic historic as well as contemporary city.

  • Fall of 2020
    • New City America was hired to serve as Board and Committee consultants to the Western South of Market Community Benefit District in San Francisco.

      COVID has played a very troubling role in the operation of business district in San Francisco since early 2020. Western SOMA was formed just before COVID, but the management corporation leadership sought the experience of New City America staff to help them build a productive management corporation that could help consolidate their Board, their management corporation and new projects as the district emerges out of the COVID pandemic.

    • New City America successfully formed its 89th Business Improvement District.

      This time the successful formation effort was completed in Los Angeles’ Historic Chinatown District. This is the 4th time New City America has formed this growing Chinatown district since 2000. Chinatown in Los Angeles has seen great improvement and much new construction since the district was renewed in 2010.

  • September 2020
    • New City America was awarded the contract to investigate and create the first property assessment district in the City of Santa Barbara, California.

      New City America was selected by the Coast Village Association to investigate and form the new Community Benefit District in the charming and historic Coast Village business district near Montecito. The formation of the new district entails working with the City to create a new enabling ordinance that will allow for a longer term and user friendly property assessment district. The district is schedule to go to a vote of the property owners in early 2022.

  • June 2020
    • New City America successfully formed it 88th Business Improvement District.

      This time it was a renewal to a current BID in the historic Lincoln Heights Industrial Zone district in Los Angeles. The Lincoln Heights community is one of the original suburbs of Los Angeles and home to many great old-time manufacturing firms. The property owners voted overwhelmingly to support for renewal of the district by an overwhelming margin, during the height of the COVID crisis.

    • New City America successfully formed its 87th Business Improvement District.

      This time it was a renewal of a current BID in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA. Pacific Palisades is one of the most exclusive business districts in the Los Angeles region and this district was renewed, by a vote of the property owners by a 4 to 1 margin during the height of the COVID crisis.

    • New City America successfully formed its 86th Business Improvement District.

      This was done through a mail balloting renewal process in Berkeley California in the famed North Shattuck Business Improvement District. North Shattuck is the home of the “Gourmet Ghetto” and California Cuisine which was developed here in the 1980s. Property voters overwhelmingly supported formation of the new district.

  • November 2019
    • New City America successfully formed its 85th Community Benefit District, this time in the historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa California.

      Santa Rosa is located Sonoma County and has been a manufacturing area for over 120 years. Recently, high quality retail and restaurants and major hotels have moved into the area due to its proximity to the Wine country. In 2018, the SMART Train station opened in the heart of Railroad Square which will allow people to live in the district and enter the City of San Francisco in just a little over an hour. This Community is headed for major renewal and re-invention over the next ten years.