District Formation Services

NCA has worked throughout the country to form districts in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Missouri and Massachusetts. We analyze and understand the various kinds of state legislation and local enabling ordinances that regulate the establishment of districts that allow the collect the special tax assessments or fees, and the subsequent transfer of these funds to an authorized organization. NCA believes that successful special-benefit district formations are most often driven by community stakeholders such as Downtown or neighborhood business property owners and resident property owners – groups that are willing to self-assess and fund special-benefit services. In December 2008 New City America formed the largest district ever formed in the US., the San Francisco Tourism Improvement District, an initiative of the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 2009 the new SF TID had revenues of $27,000,000.

District Formation Services include:

  • Investigation of special-benefit districts to fund special services over and above those provided by the local government;
  • Formation of the special-benefit district based upon wide ranging community support;
  • Incorporation of the new district management corporation;
  • Interim management for the new district management corporation;
  • Establishment of a new sub-committee structures for the management corporation.