District Management

New City America excels in creating effective district management corporations, developing effective decision-making procedures and creating efficient sub-committee structures to facilitate the work of the district management corporations. Our staff can manage dynamic business associations with skills that include marketing and business promotion; community relations; board and organizational development; crime prevention programs, budget development and personnel relations.  We specialize in devising financing mechanisms that sustain Destination Management Organizations and Visitors Bureaus, to replace cutbacks in public support for their activities. Our consulting services, which can be provided on a month-to-month or on an annual retainer basis, include the following:

  • Analysis of the governance and effectiveness of the Board of Directors;
  • Provision of interim district management services prior to staff selection;
  • Analysis of existing and recommendations for new sub-committee structures;
  • Analysis of the district budget and its compliance with the district management plan;
  • Review and recommend the prioritization of work based upon District resources;
  • Analysis of a business district’s tangible attributes and limitations;
  • Creation of a business district conceptual plan;
  • Conflict resolution between public entities and private business groups;
  • Management of property-owner database and annual assessment data updates;
  • Mapping of various blocks and the assessments that they generate;
  • Monthly accounting and reporting to Board, required activity reports to City agencies;
  • Crisis response;
  • Banner and Logo Design unique to the district;
  • CMS Web Updates and E-Newsletters;
  • Brochures Design and Production;
  • Gateway and Landmark Sign conceptual design and placement.