New City America has been awarded a contract to investigate the feasibility for a new Community Benefit District in Downtown Anaheim.   Downtown Anaheim is increasingly growing into a great urban center for Orange County, provided a dynamic counterpoint to the Resort area around Disneyland.  The new Downtown is filled with entrepreneurial and cutting edge restaurants, new housing and new public spaces.  The investigative phase of this contract will be completed in early 2019.

New City America has been awarded a contract to form a new Community Benefit District along the West End of El Cajon Blvd in San Diego.  After 60 years of very little economic development, this west end of El Cajon Blvd is booming with hundreds of new residential units under construction of in the planning stages.  This district will actually comprise three distinct business districts, the West End, University Heights and the new “Central Park Blvd” district.  The district is planned to be established by the early summer of 2019.

New City America has been awarded a contract to form an new Community Benefit District, this time in Downtown Millbrae in the Bay Area.  Downtown Millbrae is the last southern stop on the BART station, adjacent to San Francisco International Airport.  Its Downtown is filled with many creative retailers and shops and has a huge growth potential around its large BART station.

New City America has been award a contract to investigate the creation of a new Community Benefit District for Downtown Ontario California.  Anchored by the historic and beautiful Euclid Avenue leading up to Mt. Baldy, Downtown Ontario is going under rapid change with the emphasis on new market rate residential, within a mile of a key  Metrolink station to Downtown Los Angeles.

New City America has been awarded a contract to investigate and possibly form a new Property Business Improvement District in the West Adams Blvd. commercial corridor of Los Angeles.  Directly west of the University of South California, West Adams is home to hundreds of new residential units being built on former first generation one story buildings along this corridor.  Once completed, this string of new developments will reinvent this historic corridor and become a model for other corridors in the City of Los Angeles;

On July 31st, New City America successfully established its 82nd Community Benefit District (BID), this time in Downtown Glendale California.  Actually this was an expansion and renewal of the current Downtown Glendale CBD formed in 2013 by New City America.  New City America has managed this district since 2014 and has seen over 1,000 residential units and scores of new retail and commercial offices open since that time.  Downtown Glendale is becoming the city center of the San Gabriel Valley surpassing even the successful Old Town Pasadena in the minds of many.

On July 24th, New City America successfully established its 81st Community Benefit District, (BID), this time in Downtown Downey California.  Downtown Downey is strategically local equidistant to Disneyland, the LA Convention Center and LA Live and the LA World Airport.  With new market rate housing just opening, Downtown Downey will become the urban center of the region within five year.  Property owners supported formation of the District by a margin of over 3 to 1.

On July 17th, New City America successfully established its 80th Community Benefit District (BID), this time in Downtown Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.  Santa Rosa was devasted by the spectacular fires in the Fall of 2017, leading to over 3,000 structures destroyed and over 40 people killed.  The City has bounced back from this tragedy and Downtown is redeveloping itself with a new train station to Marin County, new hotels, new planned residential, all anchored by Courthouse Square – its key public space in the middle of Downtown.  Property owners supported formation of the district by a vote of over 4 to 1.

On July 10th, New City America successfully established its 79th Community Benefit District (BID), this time in Downtown Hayward California.  Anchored by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit District) stop, Downtown Hayward is poised to become one of the most dynamic, high growth Transit Oriented Districts in the entire East Bay Area in the next five years.  There are over 500 new residential units in the planning stage or under construction.  Property owners supported the district by a vote of 4 to 1.

In April of 2018, New City America was hired by Downtown Dallas, Inc. to review the operations of their Security and Maintenance operations. Marco Li Mandri will spend six months reviewing and comparing their systems and operations for the maintenance and security all of Downtown Dallas, which is growing rapidly into one of the most dynamic city centers in the country.  A final report will be made to the CEO of Downtown Dallas, Inc. by early this Fall.

In March of 2018, the widely-anticipated Piazza della Famiglia, in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy, was opened to the publicA joint project between the Little Italy Association, HG Fenton, and the City of San Diego, the Piazza is a 10,000 square foot public space built on a vacated block in the center of the Little Italy business district.  The Piazza will be fully opened with all stores and restaurants lining it sometime later in 2018.  The Piazza has already been visited and enjoyed by thousands of residents of Little Italy, business owners and visitors alike.

In January of 2018, New City America received a contract from Los Angeles Councilman Joe Buscaino to investigate the initiation and groundwork for a new Italian Piazza and enclave in Downtown, San Pedro in Los Angeles.  Councilman Buscaino is the only Italian American Councilman serving on the LA City Council and is the son of immigrants who was born and raised in San Pedro, one of the more significant fishing canneries and ports in the world.  The contract is set to run through 2018 and bring together interested Italians and Italian Americans throughout LA to see if a new Little Italy can be resurrected.

In December of 2017, Marco Li Mandri had an extensive skype interview with Umberto Mucci, of “We the Italians” magazine, from Rome Italy.  The nine-page interview was circulated internationally in the magazine’s online and print forums and explained New City America’s work in transforming Little Italy into a model for other cities to follow as we continue to see more districts evolve in the 21st century.

In November of 2017, Marco Li Mandri and Little Italy Association Board member, Tommy Di Zinno, launched the much-needed “Live Well Live Safe” program in Little Italy.  Unlike traditional police departments or private security firms, Live Well Live Safe is an innovative program proposed for non-profit CBD/BID District Management Corporations in which the employees serve as case workers and data collection monitors, in addition to employing mitigation tactics to deal with poor behavior in the community. LWLS’s objective is to establish community rules and maintain a system of order in which all members of the community feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the community.  If Live Well Live Safe works as we envision, it will be documented and used as a model throughout the state of California.

In November of 2017, the Little Italy Association, a district managed by New City America, unveiled its new “Piazza Pescatore”.  The Piazza is dedicated to the fishing families that made Little Italy the tuna capital of the world until the 1970s and was funded by Bumblebee Tuna, many local Italian and Portuguese fishing families, and the Little Italy Association.  This dedication marked the third Piazza in San Diego’s Little Italy.

 On July 17th, 2017, a featured article by Marco Li Mandri was carried in Entrepreneur Magazine Online and profiled 6 Reasons “Why CBDs Can Greatly Improve a Business District and Mixed Use Community”.  The article has already received an international response with interested property owners seeking how such a program can be established in their county.

New City America successfully completed its 78th Community Benefit District (BID), this time in the Uptown Whittier District of Whittier CA, just south of Los Angeles.  On Tuesday July 25th, 2017, property owners voted by a margin of 3 to 1 to support the establishment of the district. Whittier is a charming city with one of the few traditional main streets still operating in LA County.

New City America was awarded a contract to investigate a new Financial District CBD in the historic banking district of San Francisco.  The Financial District includes some of the oldest, historic and architecturally significant buildings in the blocks north of Market Street in the City.  This CBD investigation extended through the end of the summer of 2017 and the determination was made to… (OUTCOME)

Marco Li Mandri, President of New City America, was featured as a speaker on a panel held by Smart Growth Massachusetts in Worcester, MA on May 18th, 2017.  The panel was “Advanced Placemaking in your town”, and featured Marco, and representatives from Beverly and Brockton MA.