Marco Li Mandri has been involved in business district revitalization efforts since 1988. His company, New City America, has established 90 Business Improvement Districts/Community Benefit Districts across the U.S. One of the most effective, shining gems of Li Mandri’s managed districts is San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, which now stands as the most coveted neighborhood in San Diego and the most pristine and successful cultural Italian neighborhood in the country.

As a native San Diegan, Li Mandri has become a national leader in the field of business and community development revitalization. Li Mandri is currently working in Little Italy, Downtown Chula Vista, Downtown Glendale, Downtown Hayward, Western SOMA/San Francisco, Downtown Downey, Downtown New Bedford, Oakland’s Chinatown, Coast Village/Santa Barbara, and many other districts throughout the country. New City America is perhaps the premier company on the west coast which forms similar districts and manages them. Li Mandri has also assisted in writing local legislation to accommodate special needs of property-based maintenance districts and has authored the California State ordinance allowing greater flexibility in establishing property assessment districts that has been adopted by the cities of San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Alameda, Berkeley, Glendale, Arcadia, San Leandro, Vallejo, Redwood City, and San Francisco.