Marco Li Mandri

Marco Li Mandri


Marco Li Mandri has been involved in business district revitalization efforts since 1988. As a former President of a (BID), Marco entered the Business Improvement District arena as a stakeholder first, and later as a professional consultant. In 1992, Marco formed the Marco Group, a business dedicated to the formation and administration of Business Improvements Districts in Southern California. In 1997, the Marco Group evolved into New City America, Inc. and established itself as the premier company dedicated to business district revitalization throughout the country.

Marco Li Mandri has assisted in writing local legislation to accommodate special needs of property based maintenance districts and has authored the California State ordinance allowing greater flexibility in establishing property assessment districts that has been adopted by the cities of San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Alameda, Berkeley, Glendale, Arcadia, San Leandro, Vallejo, Redwood City and San Francisco. The new ordinance conforms to provisions of Proposition 218 as well as provides features more receptive to property owners relative to current statewide legislation. It is modeled after similar ordinances in the states of New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

Our Team

  • Laura Li Mandri
    Laura Li Mandri
    Vice President
  • Shirley Zawadzki
    Shirley Zawadzki
    Executive Administrator
  • Rosie DeLuca
    Rosie DeLuca
    Financial Manager for Little Italy Contract
  • Christopher Gomez
    Christopher Gomez
    Branding & Marketing Director

    Chris has been with New City America, Inc. and New City Public Spaces since February 2000. Chris’ original background is in graphic design, but has expanded his creative abilities to encompass district branding (logo development, amenity branding, banners, etc.), web presence (management of CMS websites), social media (preparation, primary postings, etc.) and event coordination/development. Over the years, Chris has worked very closely on the Little Italy San Diego contract; creating a diverse portfolio of branded materials for the district, merchandise, special events, web, mobile app and more. Chris’ has also worked on the following contracts: Downtown Glendale Association, Downtown San Leandro, Downtown Oakland Association, Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association and many more.

  • Monica Montes
    Monica Montes
    Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator
  • Allicia Martinez
    Allicia Martinez
    Administrative Assistant

Our Mission

New City America’s mission is to create efficient and self-sustaining cities, neighborhoods and public spaces for the generations of today, tomorrow and the future.

“Our successes, as a company, are measured by the infrastructure and flagship public spaces we tailor for each of our communities.” - Marco Li Mandri, President


NEW CITY AMERICA Inc (NCA) organizes and empowers communities through the formation and management of business and community-benefit assessment districts. We are a leading expert in Business Improvement Districts; Tourism Improvement Districts; Neighborhood Improvement Districts; Special Service Areas; and Community Benefit Districts, having formed 75 districts in the United States since 1995.

While other companies might form districts, consult with district management corporations or provide maintenance and public space services, NCA is the only company that combines all of these services under one umbrella, thus having full understanding of the stakeholders’ vision and priorities with regard to results and sustainability.

New City America is unique in that it provides all aspects of organizing and revitalizing Downtown and neighborhood business communities – from the creation of special-benefit districts to the implementation of dynamic district plans. We organize and implement all stages of public campaigns to create special assessment districts, from investigation to petition drives and final balloting. We adapt to various business communities’ needs by developing strategies that support historic, ethnic, arts and culture, institutional, transit-oriented, blighted, rural, or exclusive urban commercial districts. NCA has facilitated district campaigns in many languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. No two assessment districts are exactly alike; their purposes and demographics are unique and diverse.

As entrepreneurial enterprises, these districts are dynamic centers of creative thinking at the local level, channeling private-sector energy towards the changing needs of each community. Private-public partnerships help play an important role in the implementation of a comprehensive community and economic development strategy. Through district formation and district management, NCA creates opportunities to transfer and sustain the administration of public services from governments to community-based organizations. Self-management of these districts by nonprofits creates good-paying jobs, leverages public resources, and maintains economic security for area businesses and residents. NCA manages an exceptional team of affiliates to provide your city or district management corporation with the best services available in today’s market.